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by James L. Paisley

atlanta dui lawyerSTOP! You only have 10 days to act.
By Georgia law, you only have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to save your license. Having a DUI lawyer can help protect your ability to drive even if the officer took your license when you were arrested. Call the DUI lawyer and have a free consultation on how we will protect your ability to drive. Please remember you only have 10 days from your arrest.

Atlanta DUI Drug Defense Attorney
If you are pulled over for DUI Drugs, you need a skilled defense lawyer on your side to keep you out of jail. This is because you can be arrested on DUI Drugs charges for being under the influence of any drug or controlled substance, even if it is your prescription drug or an over-the-counter drug.

As a former prosecutor and public defender, I understand how the state prosecutes DUI and DUI Drug cases. I will fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed by examining the circumstances of your arrest. Call me at The Paisley Law Firm at (404) 618 0960 today. Your consultation is free.

Challenging DUI Drugs Charges
I will challenge whether there was enough evidence for a DUI Drugs charge by examining whether the traffic stop was appropriate and if the officer had enough observations to arrest you. I also review whether police procedure was handled correctly, including the urine test. Refusing the urine test has the same consequences as refusing a breath test. Strict protocol must be followed for the administration of the test. If it was not followed, I will argue for the test to be suppressed.

The penalties for a first DUI Drugs offense in Georgia include:
• A minimum of ten days in jail
• DUI/DWI classes
• Fines
• 40 hours of community service
• 12 months of probation

The penalties for multiple offenses are steeper and include additional jail time.

You Can’t Afford to Wait
If you are looking for an Marietta DUI Attorney, contact me as soon as possible after your arrest. Please call my Atlanta office at (404) 618 0960 or send me an e-mail today.

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