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by James L. Paisley

Atlanta Ticket LawyerIt is illegal to drive in Georgia in a car that has a suspended registration. The penalties are incredibly harsh. A conviction results in a 6 month license suspension and very high fines. Our firm can help you save a ton of money and get the offense reduced or dismissed.

How Did My Registration get Cancelled or Suspended?
Most likely, there was a lapse in your insurance policy. This means that your insurance company reported to the GA DDS that you had allowed your insurance to lapse. Many times people just hire a different insurance company and let the current policy expire, and Registrations are suspended in error. If this happens, and you were in fact insured the entire time, then you can show the DDS proof of this and they should reinstate your registration at no cost.

Regardless of the circumstance, I tell my clients to reinstate their registration before we go to court. This usually has a great effect on their case, thereby minimizing fines and getting the offense reduced or dismissed.

Suspended Registration
Unlike some other types of vehicular charges, suspended registration has a “notice” requirement. This means that a driver must have been notified of a suspension for the State to prove guilt. In many cases, the State cannot do this. If convicted, a license suspension will result. Additionally, many courts and prosecutors may inform drivers that if they plead “Nolo,” they will not receive a license suspension. This is incorrect. We cannot explain why prosecutors and judges do not understand that this is incorrect. It is best to contact an attorney who knows the law in this area.

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